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Case Study

Brian is a fifteen year old male living in a densely populated part of Dublin. Brian has two younger brothers and two younger sisters and Mum, Jane, is parenting alone. Brian’s Dad, Alan, lived with them until Brian was eight years old. Both Jane and Alan were drinking a lot at the time, there was a lot of arguing and sometimes, when things were very heated, Alan would lash out at Jane physically in front of the children. Alan was always very apologetic afterwards but eventually Jane’s brothers stepped in and Alan was asked to leave the family home. Alan still sees his children from time to time, but the last few times has shown up drunk and dishevelled and the children have refused to go out with him.  


Brian and Mum Jane have been arguing a lot in recent months. Brian is currently in 3rd year in school, but hasn’t been attending regularly. When in school, Brian is constantly in trouble, for bullying other students and has been in a number of fights. The school have suspended him a number of times and are very concerned about his behaviour towards other students. A Meitheal meeting was held with Brian, his mum, the school, and the local School Completion Project. 


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